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History as we all know has not been too kind with women, but through the valor and persistence of those who believed that a brighter future will only come if a collective action is pursued in the midst of adversity, we are now in a much better place where we can freely thrive in any environment that we choose to belong. We’ve definitely come a long and hard fought way as women to be where we are right now. From politics, science, business, literature, and many more, the power and light of each woman has become truly undeniable.

If there’s one major lesson that I’d like to emphasize here, it's the remarkable things that women are able to achieve not just individually, but most especially when they are united by love and a vision that aims to make this world a better place, not just for each other, but for all women around the world.

So what is sisterhood?

I believe this famous and powerful quote from Isadora James clearly sums it up:

"A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life."

Now it doesn’t matter whether we are related by blood, share common beliefs, or belong to the same ethnicity or religion, sisterhood is about all women. It’s about empowering each and every single woman out there, it’s about learning to connect and appreciating the light of each one instead of pulling each other down.

The age of social media may have connected all of us virtually on a whole new level, but it also gave birth to many insecurities and hate that women across the globe are facing. Having a platform where we can share the best versions of ourselves and our creations with almost every person on the planet is truly a great privilege given to our generation, whether through art, food, music, literature, or fashion, people appreciating who we are and what we do is definitely one of the most amazing feelings ever.

But in the midst of all these are the subtle and unwritten rules of competing with one another, such as but not limited to, the number of followers, likes, views, being 'seenzoned', and so much more that we all know are truly unnecessary and exhausting.

We should always remind ourselves that as sisters, we are all in this together, hating on each other is the last thing that our predecessors would want us to do. It is the exact opposite of what they fought and stood up for. Let us learn how to celebrate each other’s victory and remind ourselves that each individual is unique and literally 1 in 7 billion. So instead of feeling insecure and threatened by other women, let’s not forget that we all have a limitless creative imagination that will never run out of ideas.

Instead of building these subtle and invisible barriers that we know exist but are afraid to admit, we should find more reasons how not to close ourselves and just be open to the light that other people are sharing. We should simply be confident with our own uniqueness, and it doesn’t mean that we are lesser or greater than others, but rather we are all equal and bound for great things if we choose to.

Finding that genuine and authentic connection can be a difficult journey, but something that is definitely worth every ounce of our effort, because once that sister or those sisters with whom you are naturally drawn to(vice versa) are found, I’m sure it would be one of the most amazing gifts that life could ever give you. If there's one thing I'd like you to get out of this blog, it is really for us to always find reasons how not to close and open our hearts to the unlimited possibilities and potential of what the power of sisterhood can do to our lives.

Let’s start building our tribe!

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