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What Dusts And Glitters Is All About

Making and sharing magic is something I’ve always wanted to do.

By magic, I mean art. Magic is the feeling I get whenever I see colors, patterns, and figures that create beauty and resonate with me. It’s an unexplainable deep feeling that makes my life more meaningful and magical. With the sparks I get whenever I see artworks that add value to my life, a desire to do the same was cultivated within me. I wanted to make magic. I wanted to share beauty. I wanted to make the world a little bit brighter by sharing the light that’s been suppressed inside me through creating something.

I started this journey with so much doubt and anxiety. I was not sure how and where to start, or if anyone would even appreciate the pieces I would do. I was scared to open up to the world and start sharing my artworks because of the fear that people might judge me and nobody would get the wonderful feeling I get whenever I see beautiful artworks. I felt like a fraud and full of anxiety, but the love I had for art and the strong desire to express myself was enough for me to jump and give myself a chance, thus the beginning of Dusts and Glitters.

Before I learned about clay art and pottery, I used gouache, acrylic, paper, canvas, and wood as my medium. I also made digital artworks. Although these things may have helped me to express myself, I felt like it wasn’t enough for me to fully bring out to the world what I wanted to share, until I found clay and that’s where the magic flowed.

I easily fell in love with clay art and pottery because of the simple fact that I can literally create something beautiful out of nothing but dust and mud. Add some paint, glaze, and fire it in the kiln, then anyone who comes across it will definitely be captivated by its glittering effect. This is where the inspiration behind the name “Dusts and Glitters” came from. Overall, the process of creating something magical is a truly fascinating experience.

I want to share magic with the works I create through D&G. Every time someone buys a piece, it is my hope that it would add value which brings light and love into their space. My creations are inspired by femininity, spirituality, nature, and subjects that I resonate with. By doing these, I help myself to nurture the deep and unexplainable connections I have with the world around me and I hope to help others do the same.

This website will not just be entirely for my clay and ceramic creations. I also intend this to be a platform for other individuals who have the same mission and values to share light through their own medium. Through regular blog posts and exhibits, we will share stories, ideas, and artworks that would help others to embrace the light within them, share their creativity, and be part of a supportive community.

Ultimately, Dusts and Glitters is not just a collective representation of our strong desire to spread art through colors and words, it is also a place where we allow ourselves to shine so that others may shine as well.

May you embrace the light you have within so you can help others to do the same. <3

Light and Love,


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